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Dear Friends:


Welcome to our website. Our new site is filled with terrific information about our products as well as a wealth of information on health, beauty, science and nutrition all relating to the multitude of benefits collagen has to offer.


In 2012 we incorporated our international brand name, Fikzol (pronounced Fix all) Collagen, into the Canadian market officially changing our brand name from CR2000 to FIKZOL™ .


Year after year our retailers continue to tell us that Fikzol Collagen Supplements are absolutely the best collagen supplements in Canada. We are extremely proud of the fact that all our collagen products and their highly aggressive collagen dosages have been evaluated and approved for therapeutic use by Health Canada.


Our company and our incredible collagen products have stood the test of time and with our Natural Product Numbers issued by Health Canada we know you can confidently take comfort in the fact that when you purchase Fikzol Collagen Supplements you are getting exactly what the label indicates, but more importantly you are purchasing a safe and effective collagen product.


Much of our success has been directly built on the practice of reducing the frequency of use of our products after 3 or 4 bottles. We call this practice The Easy 2 Step Program. The Easy 2 Step Program has been an incredibly useful, practical, economical and successful program for all our customers while maintaining consistent results bottle after bottle. No other collagen company or collagen product in Canada promotes such a practice. Additionally, our best form of advertising has always been word of mouth - right from the very start. Here's the bottom line, once you've tried Fikzol Collagen Supplements you will soon discover why we've been around for 20 years and why our customers stay loyal to our brand.

I would like to extend a very special thank you to all the natural product retailers that have supported us for the past 20 years. We ambitiously look forward to further building our Fikzol brand, supplying top quality collagen products, and building new and exciting relationships with both retailers and Canadian consumers for many years to come!!


Best wishes,

Fikzol Collagen Supplements

Aeo International Sales Inc.

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