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Fikzol Collagen is a Canadian Leader in the Joint Health and Beauty Care Industry


Offering ground breaking regulatory approved collagen formulas to Canadian consumers for the past 15 years. Fikzol Collagen has provided Canadian consumers with some of the finest and most effective collagen-based products for improved health, pain management and anti-aging.


When you think of nutritional collagen protein food supplements, Fikzol Collagen should come to mind. The fact is, when it comes to collagen, you truly get what you pay for. Fikzol Collagen products have stood the test of time and considering the very difficult times we face on a daily basis, doesn't it make much more sense knowing that one Fikzol Collagen bottle will last you up to 120  days after supplementing your body with 4 bottles of Fikzol? please see our Easy 2 Step Program.


Much of our success has been directly built on the practice of reducing the frequency of use of our products after 4 bottles. No other collagen company or collagen product in Canada promotes such a practice. From time to time you will find our full page ads in various national health magazines, but our best form of advertising has always been word of mouth - right from the very start!


Taking a Look Inside The Type II and Type I & III Molecule


Fikzol Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II + MSM (ArthroHit) Fikzol Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II + C (C2 Flex) is substantially more effective than just the supplementation of the carbohydrates Glucosamine and Chondroiton. It works naturally within the body as a food source that is bioavailable, meaning it is a ready source of nutrition.


Fikzol Type II naturally supplies the nutrients necessary to support cartilage. Type II Chicken Sternal Cartilage closely matches the amount of protein and carbohydrates in human cartilage. In other words, matching the molecular blueprint of human cartilage. When taking glucosamine and chondroiton alone, you are completely neglecting the most important part - the protein.


The key is to have 1) a high grade premium collagen source 2) a very high concentration of pure collagen per serving and 3) a low molecular weight for excellent bioavailability.  Collagen Type II is the major component of hyaline joint cartilage. Hyaline cartilage is a type of cartilage found on many joint surfaces. It is pearly bluish in color with firm consistency and considerable collagen. It contains no nerves or blood vessels, and its structure is relatively simple. Hyaline cartilage is covered externally by a fibrous membrane, called the perichondrium, except at the articular ends of bones and also where it is found directly under the skin. This membrane contains vessels that provide the cartilage with nutrition. Hyaline cartilage also contains chondrocytes which are cartilage cells that produce the matrix. Hyaline cartilage matrix is mostly made up of type II collagen and Chondroitin sulfate, both of which are also found in elastic cartilage. The composition of Chicken Type II Collagen protein consists of eighteen amino acids.


The percentage and molecular weight of each amino acid is different than those found in Type I & III. The size of the Type II molecule is smaller than the Type I & III molecule as the Type II source is much smaller than the Type I & III source hence a different amino acid compostion. Additionally, Type II is low in hydroxyproline and trace of hydroxylysine, the primary difference in comparison with Type I and III gearing type II to address cartilage tissue properties. As we age, we lose 1% per year of our body’s collagen and require collagen supplementation to maintain proper collagen levels in our body.


Quality Control


Quality Type II Collagen that is required to address and treat serious arthritic conditions in a reasonable period of time (24 hours to 2 weeks) must follow and meet a number of factors to allow arthritic medicinal claims; animal source, purity of the animal, purity and percentage of protein within the molecule, hydro-lyzation process, extrapolation and enzymatic process, molecular weight, quality control, supportive clinical data approval for therapeutic use via Health Canada licensing, tested in Health Canada or FDA approved labs manufactured and packaged in regulated GMP Certified facilities plus many more. All these factors are essential to assessing the quality of any product. All Fikzol Collagen products meet and exceed all the aforementioned points of fact and regulatory requirements. 


Taking a Look Inside Our Liquid Formula


Pomegranate's ellagic acid and the green tea polyphenols (EGCG) provide a strong combination of antioxidants. Ellagic acid is one of the strongest antioxidants in the market today. As a natural sweetener Agave nectar provides a lower glycemic index (about 46, in contrast with 58 for honey), mostly made up of fructose (90% fructose, 10% glucose). Therefore, the organic agave in Fikzol’s Pure Berry Plus Liquid Collagen provides a natural healthy alternative to standard syrup or sugar sweeteners. Ionic minerals have been shown to aid in nutrient absorption and mineral balance in the body aiding in the absorption of Fikzol Pure Berry Plus Liquid Collagen.



Helpful Tips


High grade pure premium collagen (meaning collagen that is pure and free of traces of other Types of collagen mixed in with the main collagen ingredient that may affect proper absorption)) is always pre-digested and low molecular weight for optimum absorption.


The most researched and clinically proven collagen comes from Bovine (Type I & III) and Pure Chicken Sternal Cartilage (Type II). Bovine Skin / Hides and Chicken Sternal Cartilage are considered to be the most compatable molecule for  human tissue and human cartilage respectively. The science behind collagen is quite simple; Type II Chicken Sternal Cartilage closely matches the amount of protein and carbohydrates in human cartilage. Type I & III from bovine skin / hides closely matches the molecular blueprint of human tissue when hydrolyzed to a molecular weight of approximately 3,000 Daltons.

Making our hydrolyzed collagen products reach optimum bioavailabilty while matching the molecular blueprint of human cartilage.


When taking glucosamine and chondroiton alone, you are completely neglecting the most important part - the protein. When you feed your cartilage all the necessary components and nutrients, you rebuild it and reduce joint pain and inflammation significantly. Fikzol’s medicinal combination Type II + MSM (ArthroHit) and Type II + C  (C2 Flex) formulas are clinically proven to be more effective as combination formulas rather than Hydrolyzed Type II alone, glucosamine alone, chondroiton, shark cartilage and MSM alone.



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