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Hi there. In the last couple of months I have started taking ArthroHit Type II collagen + MSM

capsules. What a difference!! I love it!!!! Now I am wondering if I can take the Berry Plus

Liquid I+III along with the ArthroHit capsules ( for skin,hair etc..) Thank you for your

product!!!! Thanks again!!!




Fikzol is a good brand name available at a heath food store.

Ray Schilling, MD   


We are always excited to receive our Fikzol shipment, our customers get such great

results with this product. It really does sell itself!

Ashley Finnigan

Chiropractic Care & Longevity Centre

Perth, Ontario


Our customer just love your product. We can’t keep it on the shelf.

Yvonne, Purchase Manager, Nutri-Chem Pharmacy

Ottawa, Ontario


Many of our customers purchase Fikzol based on an Orthopaedic Surgeon’s recommendation. Fikzol is a terrific product!

Enzo, Herbasana Health Foods, Owner

Kamloops BC


What a noticeable improvement in my skin just after 1 bottle of the Type I & III. Great product!

Anna Piloyan, Deco De Mode Beauty Salon, Owner

Victoria, BC


I’m 86 years old and before I found Fikzol I couldn’t even walk. After 2 months of Fikzol Type II + MSM I am now walking without my cane. Fikzol has helped me take beautiful walks with my dogs again. I don’t want to be without my Fikzol for 1 day. Thank you so much, your product is fantastic!


St. Paul, Alberta


My wife and I are seniors and we both have severe arthritis. Fikzol gets us through the day without taking any anti-inflammatory drugs.

Terrific product!


Collingwood, Ontario


I’m a senior with severe arthritis in my hand. Fikzol has really helped my hand.


Steinbach, Manitoba


I’m absolutely astounded I can walk so much easier.


Aurora, Ontario


The pain was so bad suicide was an option. Your product has saved my life. Thank you with all my life!


Fort McMurray, Alberta


We thank God for directing us to Fikzol. I’ve lived with back and shoulder pain for 10 years. Now my pain and my wife’s lower back pain is all gone. Since we still farm, we truly feel we have been blessed. Our prayers have been answered.


Fillmore, Saskatchewan


A single play can move one inch or 100 yards. It’s my job to stay sharp, make the right calls and keep up with world class athletes. As a professional football official healthy joints and healthy cartilage are absolute priorities to me and Fikzol helps me get through every game.


Edmonton, Alberta

Canadian Pro Football Official 


A testimonial from Joe Quadri, Fikzol Collagen Supplements.


In August 2013 I bruised my disc and dislocated my hip in a semi-final tennis match. I was in the hospital the next morning as the pain was excruciating, not even able to move 2 inches without experiencing a great deal of pain. Three different doctors diagnosed the injury as “very serious” and that I would not play competitive tennis for 6 weeks. My hip continued to lock up when I stood still in one spot for more than 45 seconds causing indescribable pain. At the same time a shooting pain was going down my right leg. I didn’t know what was going on. Because of my size and body weight (6”2” 210 lbs.) I decided to double up on my Type II + MSM collagen daily dose. Instead of 6 Type II + MSM Capsules I took 12 capsules daily for 6 days. Additionally, every second day I took 12 Type I & III tablets for the connective tissue that was most likely strained or bruised from the injury. In 6 short days, along with the support of a back brace, I was back on the court hitting tennis balls and competing in a clay court tournament in Edmonton, Alberta. I was not moving perfectly and I did lose the match in 3 sets, but I was just thrilled to be competing again in just 6 short days rather than 6 weeks. It has now been 4 weeks since my injury and my back, my hips and my leg are perfectly normal again. There is no longer any shooting pain going down the right side of my leg when standing still. Fikzol came through for me when I really needed it to work. I would like to thank all the doctors who took such great care of me and my injury.


Footnote: Joe’s injury is on record with The Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, BC, Dr. James Elder Chiropractic Clinic, Victoria, BC and Dr. Kendal Ward Chiropractic Clinic, Edmonton, Alberta.


Please Note: We strongly recommend that you always follow the directions on the back of all our Fikzol products. Please consult with your physician before increasing your Fikzol dosage for any joint or muscle pain or injury, or arthritic condition.





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