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Our Company


Fikzol is a renowned and trusted industry leader in the development and distribution of top premium collagen products since 1999. The Fikzol team sources the purist bioavailable and bioactive collagen ingredients on the market today that are supported by exceptional scientific research.


Fikzol Collagen has provided Canadian consumers with some of the finest and most effective collagen-based products for improved health, pain management and anti-aging for the past 15 years. When you think of nutritional collagen protein food supplements, Fikzol Collagen should come to mind. The fact is when it comes to the total amount of "Active" or "Medicinal" collagen per serving, you truly get what you pay for. Fikzol Collagen products have stood the test of time and considering the very difficult times we face on a daily basis, doesn't it make much more sense knowing that one Fikzol Collagen bottle can last you up to 120 days after supplementing your body with 4 bottles of Fikzol? (please see our Easy 2 Step Program™)


Much of our success has been directly built on the practice of reducing the frequency of use of our products after 4 bottles. No other collagen company or collagen product in Canada promotes such a practice. From time to time you will find our full page ads in various national health magazines. However, our best form of advertising has always been word of mouth - right from the very start!

Collagen, and the many benefits that of collagen offers, were widely unknown in Canada in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Many Canadian retailers believe that Fikzol Collagen, through education and aggressive advertising over several years, is largely responsible for popularizing collagen in Canada in the early 2000’s.


The Natural Product Industry is fully regulated in Canada, and with that said, Fikzol products have gone through a detailed and thorough 5 year assessment and regulatory approval process with Health Canada before receiving its product licences for therapeutic use.


Fikzol products are regulatory approved to be safe and effective meeting GMP Standards and GMP Certifications. Fikzol is manufactured and packaged in world class manufacturing facilities located in California, USA maintaining outstanding quality control and quality assurance in every bottle.


Fikzol is committed to developing and widening its retail base across Canada as well as developing international distribution through international marketing and distribution partnerships. Aeo International Sales Inc., behind the Fikzol brand, is proud to be a Canadian corporation. 








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