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The Easy 2 Step Program                             


Although our Easy 2 Step Program is not mandatory in achieving terrific results with our collagen products, we highly recommend our Easy 2 Step Programto ensure your Fikzol collagen levels return to healthy levels your body will recognize, access and utililize therapeutically.


  • Start with 2 bottles of ArthroHit™ or C2 Flex™ (taken everyday as directed) to reduce joint pain, control inflammation, and improve joint mobility and begin the process of repairing connective tissue.

  • Then switch over to 2 bottles of Fikzol Berry Plus Liquid™, BodyMax6000™, or Amino AM™ (taken every day as directed) to continue and complete the process of renewing and strengthening cellular and connective tissue.

  • If you do not need to address arthritic or cartilage issues / problems, you may start with any of our Type I & III products (Berry Plus, BodyMax6000, or Amino Am) for 2 bottles taken everyday. Then continue with your 3rd bottle reducing the frequency of use to 2 to 3 times per week with your 3rd bottle while maintaining the same recommended daily dosage each time you take the product.


Continue on our Easy 2 Step Maintenance Program as follows.


After completing your Easy 2 Step Program continue taking 1 bottle of Fikzol Type II + MSM (ArthroHit) or Fikzol Type II + C (C2 Flex) and 1 bottle of any Fikzol Type I & III product (Berry Plus Liquid, BodyMax6000, or Amino AM) on a part time basis (approx. 2 to 3 times per week per bottle). Once on the maintenance program always take the regular dosage. The maintenance program is about reducing the freequency of use, but not reducing the dosage each time you take your favourite Fikzol collagen product. 


Continue taking 1 bottle of each on a regular basis no more than 2 or 3 times per week per bottle. If you choose to take any of our Fikzol™ Type II products and Fikzol™ Type I & III products on the same day please take each product at least three hours apart from each other.


Always take our products one hour away from food with 1 / 500 mg Vitamin C supplement with each serving. If taking our products with food please take with foods containing no protein. Please take our products at least 3 hours away from any medication.


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